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Abstract Surface

Our Services

Chip Synergy Limited provides services in the domain of ASIC/ FPGA Design and Verification. Our team has in-depth knowledge of advanced ASIC verification methodologies and test strategies and they make best use of their expertise to achieve product quality metrics and coverage closure.

Project Planning
  • Requirement capture

  • Resource planning

  • Coverage closure plan

  • Regression Management.

  • Bug/Defect Management

  • Project scheduling.

  • System architecture definition

  • Subsystem development (VHDL, Verilog)

  • IP integration

  • IPXACT based assembly

  • Trace and debug 

  • Advanced test bench development for digital SoC, ASIC, and FPGA devices

  • Chipset level verification

  • Gate level functional verification

  • Low power verification

  • Subsystem/IP Verification

Project Management
  • Multi-site project management

  • Agile project management

  • Collaboration between teams

  • Risk analysis

  • Dependency management

  • Project milestone definition

  • Project progress reporting

Electronic Circuit
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